Nokia 3310 - Call barring service

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Call barring service

This network service allows you to restrict the making and receiving of calls with
your phone. For this function you need the barring password that you obtain from
your service provider.

1. Select one of the following call restrictions:

Outgoing calls

: Calls cannot be made.

International calls

: Calls cannot be made to foreign countries when in the

home country.

International except to home country

: When abroad, international calls cannot

be made except for calls to the home country.

Incoming calls

: Calls cannot be received.

Incoming calls when abroad

: Calls cannot be received when abroad.

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Cancel all barrings

: Calls can be made and received with no restrictions. If you

select this option, the following step will not be available.

2. Set the call restriction on (


) or off (


), or check which types of

calls are barred (



Note: When calls are barred, calls may be possible to certain emergency numbers
in some networks (e.g. 112 or other official emergency number).