Nokia 3310 - Stopwatch

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Stopwatch (Menu 11-4)

The stopwatch can be used for time measurement for example in different sports.

The precision of the stopwatch is one hundredth of a second. The total
measurement time is 10 hours at maximum.

Note: Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch the
phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference
or danger.

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1. In this menu, press



) to start timing.

2. To take the time, press



). When the timing is stopped, you can press



) for the following functions. Scroll to the desired function and






: Restarts the timing from the previous stop time.


: Stops the current timing and sets the time to zero.


: Exits to the menu title screen. To continue the timing, enter this menu.

To set the timing to continue in the background, press and hold

twice. While

the time is running,

flashes in standby mode.

Note: Using the stopwatch consumes the battery and the phone's operating time
will be reduced. Be careful not to let it run in the background when performing
other operations with your phone.