Nokia 3310 - Charging the battery

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Charging the battery

• Do not charge the battery when either of the phone covers is removed. See also

Battery information

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1. Connect the lead from the charger to the base of the


2. Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet. The

battery indicator bar starts scrolling.

• The phone can be used while charging if it is

switched on.

• If the battery is totally run down, it may take up to a few minutes before the

charging indicator is shown.

• The charging time depends on the charger and battery used and on how

much power there is left in the battery. For example, charging the battery
supplied with the phone may take up to six hours when using the ACP-7

• If

Not charging

is displayed, charging is suspended. Wait for a while,

disconnect the charger, plug it in again and retry. If charging still fails,
contact your dealer.

3. When the battery is fully charged, the bar stops scrolling. Disconnect the

charger from the AC outlet and the phone.

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2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.