Nokia 3310 - 8. Call register (Menu 4)

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8. Call register (Menu 4)

Within the

Call register

menu you can access the phone

numbers registered automatically by the phone.

You can also view the approximate duration and cost of your
calls, and manage the credit units on your prepaid SIM card.

To access this menu: In standby mode, press



), scroll to

Call register


and press




Options within Menus 4-1 to 4-3

The options that you can access by pressing



) allow you to:

• edit, view or call a registered phone number

• view the time of the call

• save the number in the Phone book

• erase the number from the call list (not from the Phone book)

• send a text message to the caller (

Send SMS


About missed and received calls

The phone registers missed and received calls if:

• the network allows showing the caller’s phone number to the call recipient

• the phone is switched on and within the network’s service area

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